Tibet Handbook: A Pilgrimage Guide

Tibet Handbook

The Roof of the World

This remarkable book is both a comprehensive trekking guide to mountain paths and plateau trails, and a pilgrimage guide that draws on Tibetan literature and religious history. Victor Chan has covered 42,000 kilometers in Tibet on foot and by bus, trucks, horses, yaks and coracle; the result is indisputably the most authoritative sourcebook to one of the world's most remote and fascinating destinations.

"This is by far the most detailed and comprehensive guide to Tibet ever to appear in a Western language--a monument to the labours of the intrepid Victor Chan, who is a worthy successor of the great explorers of the nineteenth century. It will be a long time before this indispensable work is superseded." Dr. Michael Aris, Fellow, St. Antony's College, Oxford

Moon Publications 1104 pages (1994)